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What makes us different?

What makes us different?

A simpler, smarter MIS that improves student, staff and school outcomes

Bring all your student and staff data together for quicker, smarter insight

School data is usually siloed across multiple expensive, clunky systems, taking staff hours a week to pull together. Arbor helps to bring all core student and staff data together, allowing you to report on all key metrics from one system

77% schools spot trends more frequently

Reduce the number of systems in your school to save money

Arbor’s cloud-based system can help reduce the number of systems your school needs, saving your school up to 30% on your total system cost. And there are no pesky hidden extras like patches, servers or upgrades to worry about.

30% average saving in costs after adopting Arbor

Save your staff time by reducing admin

Arbor is easy to use, reducing training costs and allowing staff to get on with their day. Arbor also allows schools to define workflows and automate repetitive admin tasks, giving your staff back their precious time and increasing capacity.

92% say Arbor saves staff time

Drive up school performance

Improving everyone’s access to data to focus on children most in need, and increasing staff capacity to teach leads to improved school performance. Unlike other MIS companies, Arbor was set up as a social impact company. We continually monitor our impact to ensure switching to us is worth it, and ultimately leads to improved school performance.

89% say Arbor helps improve school performance

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