Moving to Arbor

Moving to Arbor

We’re here to make sure you get all the support you need in setting up your new system

Step 1: A personal implementation plan

Your Customer Success Manager will schedule a call with you to create an implementation plan tailored to your school or group, including what your main objectives are and how we can help you achieve them

Step 2: Simple, painless migration

We help you cleanse and migrate your data to Arbor before you start your training. Once that’s done, we’ve got lots of free resources to help make sure you hit the ground running, including unlimited free online training and a series of videos to show you how the system works

Step 3: Get to know your new MIS

Once you’ve launched, we’ll help walk you through the basic functions of Arbor and get the system running smoothly throughout the school. We’ll make sure all staff are sufficiently trained for day-to-day use of the system, before introducing you to some of Arbor’s more powerful features

Step 4: Dedicated support to ensure Arbor is a success at your school

Got a question? We have a dedicated customer support team who are there to support you every day of the week from 8am-5pm by phone or email, and we also provide free online guides and training sessions -just in case you want to top up your knowledge!

Step 5: Monitoring the impact Arbor has

Once you’ve completed your training, your Customer Success Manager will hand you over to your Account Manager. You’ll have termly check-ins so we can see how you’re getting on, and after 12 months you can book an Arbor Health Check to review your first year with us to see what impact Arbor has had on your school’s performance

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