What makes us different?

We want to save your school time and money, and use data to improve student outcomes
Integrate all your data in one place for smarter student insight
Student data is usually siloed across multiple expensive, clunky systems within schools, taking staff hours a week to pull together. Arbor helps to bring all core student and staff data together in one system, allowing you to report on national benchmarks, progress, examination, student, staff and finance data.
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Save your school money (up to 30% of your total MIS cost!)
Arbor’s cloud-based system can save your school up to 30% on your total system cost, freeing you up to work wherever suits you. And there are no pesky hidden extras like patches, servers or upgrades to worry about.
Save your teachers time with simpler software
We want to give teachers back their life, and help them focus on teaching! Over 60% of teachers’ time is spent on necessary but laborious administrative tasks. Arbor helps to automate many of these tasks, reducing the quantity of time spent on admin and increasing teaching capacity.
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
A social company that cares about student outcomes
We’re not another large company who only cares about making more money. We started Arbor to save teachers time and improve student outcomes, so we limit the amount of profit we make, offer our products at an accessible price to save schools money, and continually monitor our impact.
See what our schools are saying about us
The presentation of data is easy to understand and helps me to explain to my colleagues, for whom data is somewhat of a mystery, how well we have actually done
Colin Shaw
Rothley Academy
Arbor Insight
As a senior leader, Arbor’s Curriculum Tracker allows me to see at a glance which groups of children are doing well and which ones need extra support in order for them to make good progress
Simon Prichard
Kennington School
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
The Ofsted Readiness report is outstanding. It’s very easy to read and understand. It’s well presented and the data crunching behind it gives us something we can’t get from other sources. That and the customer care makes this a product I promote to colleagues widely
James Ayton
Walgrave Primary School
Arbor Insight
If you’re looking for a MIS which does everything there’s no other option really. When we met Arbor, you could just tell this was a different way of doing things. There was a degree of ambition that matched what we wanted to do for our school
Martyn Essery
The Reach Free School
Arbor MIS
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