Our Story & Mission

We help schools learn from their data
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Education data is siloed, clunky and complicated. It doesn’t have to be!
Schools are awash with data, but it’s siloed in legacy, clunky software systems that mean teachers struggle for hours to get any meaningful student insight. Why are shops, banks and businesses able to use data to make smarter, faster decisions but our schools can’t?! We set out to change this by gathering together a crack team of designers, engineers, data scientists and teachers to build systems that can help save teachers time and improve student insight.
Saving teachers time and letting them focus on teaching
Teachers spend hours upon hours a week on unnecessary administrative tasks, and over the past few years their data workload has gone up by 29%, causing many to quit their jobs. By integrating multiple data systems into one we’re able to automate many of these tasks and improve school efficiency. This can save the workload of several teachers per school per year (and make everyone happier and more productive in the process)!
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Improving student insight and attainment
We take the latest advances in technology and data science and apply it to school data to give teachers a more holistic insight into their students. From predicting inspection results, to highlighting strengths and weaknesses of students, we try to uncover patterns and trends to personalise instruction and improve the speed and efficacy of interventions.
A social company who wants to have a scaleable impact on student outcomes
We’re one of the few ed-tech companies who have clearly-defined social goals enshrined into our company formation. We continually measure our impact on teacher time and satisfaction, intervention efficacy and student attainment; after all, we believe doing good is good business! We’ve also recently raised and invested over $5m from socially-minded investors to help increase our impact nationally and internationally.
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Join us and help to improve teachers’ and students’ lives at scale!
There’s been more change in education in the past 10 years than any other time, and there’s no better time to get involved. We’re on a mission to improve education outcomes at scale, have raised over $5m from socially-minded investors to scale, and are looking for bright, highly motivated individuals to join us! Check out our careers page or drop us a line to get in touch.