How Arbor’s MAT MIS helped improve learning outcomes at Bridge Schools Trust

Based in Lanhydrock, Cornwall, Bridge Schools Trust switched to Arbor’s simple, smart, cloud-based MIS for MATs in 2017. The trust has 14 primary academies across Cornwall, Plymouth and Devon, and schools vary in size from 500 pupils in the largest to 32 in the smallest.

We sat down with John Wareham, MAT IT Manager, and Stephanie Bass, Business Administration Manager, to talk about how moving to Arbor has helped them centralise their data and streamline workflows, ensuring staff save time on repetitive tasks and can use data more effectively to impact learning and student outcomes. Read what they had to say below!

Why did you choose Arbor MIS for your MAT?
Stephanie: “From our first conversation with James (Arbor’s CEO), it was obvious that Arbor had a very clear vision and absolute grasp of the power of data. Their top down (MAT focused) approach stood them out from the crowd, and it was obvious that their system was not just a replacement for our incumbent MIS, but so much more. James spoke with understanding and passion around the same values we as a Trust stand for, and this is cascaded into their entire operation and staffing - as recently as our last status meeting with Arbor, we have had a consistent, professional and effective approach delivering a great solution.”

What is the biggest challenge Arbor has helped Bridge Schools Trust tackle?
John: “Undoubtedly the capability to see data and impact learning and outcomes centrally. Arbor has given us significant opportunities to review, consolidate and streamline process & results because of its simple ease of use and extensive availability of information.”

How did you find migrating from your previous system?
J: “Migration was a very smooth process. A small matter of saving a backup and a couple of other files pre-switch and a few (expected) minor tweaks after. Such a massive transition, such a small impact. Excellent!”

How have you found Arbor’s support?
S: “Comprehensive and effective, not just their front line support but on managing migration and integration and providing additional ad-hoc training during early deployment.”

In what ways has Arbor helped Bridge MAT and your schools (both on a daily and ongoing basis)?
S: “In summary, with the growth of the MAT we now have a solution that provides all stakeholders centrally and locally with the tools to organise, evaluate and efficiently manage pupil and staff data within our Trust in a way that is very much focused on school improvement.  We have been able to make significant savings and efficiencies for all MIS users by opting for Arbor as our preferred MIS solution.
The day to day support, training (both online and face to face), weekly status calls and Account Manager support have been invaluable. This is a system that certainly has a dedicated support network behind it!
We have been able to make operational improvements both at a Trust and School level.  With Arbor we now have a system with central high level functionality that provides a single overview of pupils and staff centrally with in-depth analysis capabilities, as well as allowing the centralisation of workflows. This solution is now utilised by all staff giving them the tools to record data and set up workflows for attendance, behaviour, interventions and communications so we may further improve outcomes for our children. 
This modern infrastructure has allowed us to streamline our data, workflows and communications so we can start to see the benefit from the economies of scale, alignment of systems and ensure transparency and accountability.  Having a cloud based system will save us further costs on server data migration whilst providing all Bridge School users with the flexibility and freedom to access their data from anywhere, anytime on any device.”

Would you recommend Arbor?
S: “Without hesitation. Working with Arbor is a pleasure in every way. It is an exceptional tool but the people make the real difference with their friendly but professional manner, clear knowledge of the systems, and most of all a strong passion and desire for delivering the desired outcomes and improving features and functionality. They listen and act. We can not endorse Arbor enough.”

Want to learn more about our simple, smart cloud-based MAT MIS? You can request a free demo and a chat with your local Partnership Manager anytime through the contact form on our website, or by emailing or calling 0208 050 1028.