Insights on school improvement
As you’ve no-doubt seen from the relentless marketing by third-parties – GDPR is coming into force in schools in May 2018! The below is our take on the questions you should ask your suppliers, including your MIS to ensure you’re GDPR ready
Measuring staffing typically accounts for 70%-80% of a school’s budget, but after gathering feedback from the dozens of different MATs we work with, we found that the measures MATs and schools are currently using vary wildly
Now that ASP has been updated with KS2 2017 data, we’ve had lots of schools asking how they can get training on using ASP and Arbor together - the good news is we’ve got 3 free recommendations for you!
The DfE has launched Analyse School Performance (ASP) to replace RAISEonline - but what's it actually like using it for meaningful performance analysis?
Just as sales and marketing automation have transformed the private sector, so too we think that school automation will transform the education sector over the next 5 years by saving staff time on repetitive administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on teaching!
Reducing time spent on data & assessment is THE KEY to reducing additional teacher workload