Arbor Curriculum Tracker

A flexible, intuitive tracker integrated into your MIS
  Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Works with every assessment policy
Don’t let your software dictate your assessment policy. Arbor lets you personalise your tracker to suit your school
We’ve been able to set up a policy we want at our school, talk to Arbor about how it will work in their system, then personalise the Curriculum Tracker to us
Martyn Essery
Deputy Headteacher at The Reach Free School
So intuitive it requires minimal training
Give your staff a system so easy to use it requires minimal training, meaning your teachers can focus on teaching instead of spending hours learning how to use new software
I can’t express how easy Arbor is to use
Steve George
Headteacher at Prescot Primary School
  Arbor Curriculum Tracker
  Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Simple, meaningful analysis of your pupils’ progress
Communicate pupil progress to stakeholders across your school community quickly and easily, giving you time to focus on improving pupil outcomes
As a senior leader, Arbor’s assessment module allows me to see at a glance which groups of children are doing well and which ones need extra support in order for them to make good progress
Simon Pritchard
Headteacher at Kennington Primary School
Everything you need to tell the full story of your students’ progress
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Pre-loaded curricula
Chose an existing curriculum or upload your own
All your data in one place!
Use formative, summative, and school performance data to show pupil progress
Intelligent analysis
Beautifully designed, intuitive charts & graphs
A beautifully simple markbook
Evidence capture
Add evidence to marks
Bulk mark mode
Save time marking pupils’ work
See pupil progress and targets at a glance
Age related expectations
See who is and isn’t on track to meet age related expectations
Access anywhere, anytime

I can’t express how easy it is to use

Steve George, Headteacher at Prescot Primary School

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”Arbor’s Curriculum Tracker shows they are at the forefront of planning for curriculum changes and the things which are changing at a national level in terms of life after levels.”
Martyn Essery, Deputy Headteacher at The Reach Free School