Arbor for Groups & MATs

Centralise your data reporting, communicate with staff & students, and streamline your workflows
  Arbor MIS
Free RAISEonline dashboard
Arbor Insight provides a free RAISEonline dashboard for every MAT, helping you to prepare for MAT Ofsted inspections. Benchmark your MAT to national and Outstanding schools, view MAT strengths and weaknesses, and drill down to view which schools and student groups are driving over and underperformance
Centralise all your core Group data reporting
No more manual data returns! Arbor’s Group MIS gives your Leadership team pre-populated live dashboards to show core attendance, behaviour, progress and staff measures across your Group. Set targets, and drill down to uncover areas of over and underperformance, or build your own custom reports and schedule them to be emailed out every day, week or term to key school and Group stakeholders
  Arbor MIS
  Arbor MIS
Follow-up with staff, students and guardians centrally
More than just a dashboard, Arbor’s Group MIS allows you to remotely log in to each MIS and follow-up by email or text with late registers, overdue marks, absent students and incomplete interventions. This allows you to rethink how you manage your Group centrally to save time and money
Save staff time and streamline your school workflows
Arbor’s Group MIS allows you to centrally define and implement your attendance, behaviour, progress, intervention and staff or parent communication workflows in each school. Save staff time by automating escalations and sending email or text reminders to staff or guardians about attendance, behaviour or progress to improve the effect of interventions
  Arbor MIS
  Arbor MIS
Give schools autonomy whilst maintaining Group alignment
Schools want some autonomy whilst Groups like standardisation - Arbor gives you both! Schools have the ability to rename and define fields and add new measurements without altering the core underlying data sent up to the Group. Schools can also incorporate their existing policies and procedures into the system, ensuring that they can be empowered to act independently
Everything you need to run a successful MAT empowered by data
Centralised Data
Combine MIS, progress & RAISE data in one system
Custom Reports
Build custom Group, school or student reports in excel or PDF
Email Updates
Automatically email reports daily or weekly to school stakeholders
Integrate with Excel
Link all your data live to excel and just refresh to update
Trigger email and text notifications to staff and guardians
Define Workflows
Centrally build escalations and audit school policies
Central MIS Login
Log in to all MIS systems from one central portal
User Permissioning
Customise levels of user access to keep information secure
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