Getting Started with Arbor MIS

How to make the move in 4 simple steps
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Step 1: Migrate all of your existing data to Arbor in 15mins
Arbor’s proprietary data migration routines help to automatically transfer all your data from your legacy system, ensuring you don’t lose anything in the process. All you need to do is upload a backup file, then sit back and relax whilst we setup your system in under a day. We also have the option of uploading curriculum, baseline and other custom data.
Step 2: Training to ensure Arbor is a success
We help train your staff remotely or in person, tailoring the training to suit your school’s needs. Each school is designated an Arbor Champion who will be the main point of contact in the school, and we provide additional training materials to this individual.
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
Step 3: A dedicated Analyst is on hand to help
Each school gets a dedicated (and friendly) Arbor Analyst who works with them after training to provide support and answer any questions. Our Analysts are available 8am-5pm over the phone and via email throughout the year, and are experts in how to use Arbor to save you time and improve your student & staff insight.
Step 4: Ongoing training for free via Arbor University
No more paying for expensive training! Arbor’s online help portal is a searchable guide of how to use Arbor complete with videos. We also conduct online training through Arbor University where you can login and learn what’s new.
Arbor Curriculum Tracker
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