Free Arbor Insight & ASP training is back!

Harriet Cheng - 16 July, 2018

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Free Arbor Insight & ASP training is back!

Join us at a free training session on getting the most out of Arbor Insight this Autumn.

Join us at a free training session on getting the most out of Arbor Insight this Autumn

Last Autumn 300+ schools joined us at our free training sessions to learn how to use Arbor Insight as a replacement to RAISEonline. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Arbor Insight is a free benchmarking tool we’ve created for every school & MAT in the country to help you analyse your latest Analyse School Performance (ASP) & finance data. Signing up gives you access to interactive dashboards and reports benchmarking your school or MAT locally, nationally, and against similar and “Outstanding” schools. You can see your school’s free portal for yourself here.

The good news is that this Autumn our free training sessions are back! We’ll be delivering training at 45 events across the country – everywhere from Somerset up to Cumbria. This year, the sessions will explain how to use your performance data & Arbor Insight portal as part of your annual school improvement cycle. We’ll cover:

1. Benchmarking
We’ll demonstrate how to use Arbor’s reports and dashboards to quickly identify strengths & weaknesses, and share them with Governors and SLT. You’ll swap reports with other schools to challenge your preconceptions and get a fresh perspective on your data.

2. Typicality
We’ll show how to dig deeper into the trends behind your benchmarking data to help you investigate whether this year’s results are typical for your school, or specific to one cohort.

3. School Improvement Workshop
We’ll examine how your performance data feeds into planning & writing specific, measurable objectives for your School Improvement Plan.

What you’ll take away:

  • Free Arbor Insight portal with ASP benchmarking dashboards, a Free Performance Summary report and an exclusive discount on your eight Premium reports
  • A personalised data map showing the information your school collects and where it sits, so you can streamline your operations, save on IT spend and improve your GDPR-compliance
  • Direct feedback from colleagues on your benchmarking data and School Improvement Plan to give you a fresh perspective on your strengths & weaknesses, and help tighten up your objectives for next year

Click here to book your free place!

Let us know if you have any questions by calling 0207 043 1830 – hope to see you there!

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