Arbor MIS and MAT MIS in review – 2022/2023

Anna Christie - 4 September, 2023

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Arbor MIS and MAT MIS in review – 2022/2023

As the new school year kicks off let’s take a look back at some of the amazing features we released to Arbor MIS and MAT MIS in the past year! – Rotating meal menus and Parent Portal meal choices. Create menus that rotate on a periodic basis, and allow parents to make meal choices for

As the new school year kicks off let’s take a look back at some of the amazing features we released to Arbor MIS and MAT MIS in the past year!

– Rotating meal menus and Parent Portal meal choices. Create menus that rotate on a periodic basis, and allow parents to make meal choices for their children via the Parent Portal. Learn more here

– Emergency Alert. Get help with the click of a button by sending an instant notification or email to staff who are on call. Plus, report on past alerts and view them on the student profile. Learn more here

– Cohort and Mark Level Analysis. Collate information on every summative assessment mark all from within MAT MIS! Learn more here

– Post-16 Census report. Generate a quick summary report of your Post-16 data to ensure you receive all your funding from the School Census, either for yourself or to send to a third party. Learn more here

– CRB Cunninghams Cashless Catering integration. Integrate with your cashless catering system. Arbor now integrates with CRB Cunninghams, this integration lets you manage cashless catering payments directly from your MIS. Arbor integrates with three cashless catering systems; Civica Cashless Catering, Live Register and CRB Cunninghams. Learn more here

– PowerBI Datasets. Connect more data to your BI tool. New datasets added to our PowerBI connector, including Student Academic Year Enrolments, User Defined Fields (created at both MAT and school level), and User Defined Records. Learn more here

– Live National Benchmarks. See live national data from other Arbor schools in your MIS. See real-time National Average and National Percentile data for attendance data, letting you compare yourself to similar schools and see where you sit. Learn more here

– Calendar update on the Arbor App. Parents and guardians can see exactly where their child is at any point in the current day by viewing their child’s calendar for the whole day on the Arbor App. Learn more here

– Import Assessment Marks in MAT MIS. Roll out assessments to the schools in your trust. Instead of logging into individual school sites or sending assessment data to your school data managers, you can use an import spreadsheet in MAT MIS to input the school data yourself. Learn more here

– Random Student Picker. Engage your students and choose them fairly using the Random Student Picker. The student picker spins to select a random student from your class – perfect for projecting on your board. Learn more here

– School Staff Absence Reporting in MAT MIS. Report on school staff absences from in your MAT MIS, eliminating the need to make a custom report. You can also use bonus fields like Bradford Factor reporting and the option to include only workforce census-eligible staff. Learn more here

– Apple Pay and Google Pay. Give parents the flexibility to pay the way that suits them, with pay by Apple Pay and Google Pay! No more re-entering card details every time on the Arbor App. Learn more here

– School Shop Orders dashboard. See an overview of all your orders, payments and refunds without needing to go into each item individually with our School Shop Dashboard. Learn more here

– Behaviour comms templates. Create SMS and email templates to notify guardians about behaviour incidents or detentions. Add detail with our built-in merge fields, or set different messages for different severity levels. Learn more here

– Bulk Add Assessment Columns. Add columns for Summative or Ad Hoc assessments to a Student Custom Report Writer in one go. Plus, add different components for Summative assessments, such as Baseline, Predicted Mark, and Year Target. Learn more here

– New layout and tools for tables. Introducing our new tabling tool which lets you; rearrange and hide columns, search for data quickly, navigate and enter data using only the keyboard, and much more. Learn more here

– Single Central Record in MAT MIS. Quickly and easily keep staff details up to date across your trust with our updated Single Central Record (SCR) in MAT MIS. Choose which columns you want to see in your SCR, and email staff members directly. Learn more here

– Scheduling  Comms. Choose when to send out your emails, SMS and in-app messages with our scheduling comms feature. No more logging in out of hours – you can draft as usual, then just click send later to pick the date and time. Learn more here

– Automated Capita One exports. Automate your Capita One Export. We worked with Capita One to automate the Capita One Export, reducing school workload and improving data quality for your LA. You’ll need to ask your LA to get in touch with us to get this set up. Learn more here

– SMS Subscription. Send SMS with our new annual SMS tariff, that makes it simpler to keep parents in the loop. Pay yearly and get the benefits of an ongoing subscription. Learn more here

– Updates to the sex and gender fields. To align with the DfE, we’ve made some changes to the gender field in Arbor. We’ve relabelled the Gender field in Arbor to Sex to reflect its existing use in the census, and we’ve added a new field on student, guardian and staff profiles for Gender Identity. Learn more here

– KS4 Assessment Analysis. Use the KS4 Assessment Analysis page to track student progress in more detail, plus get a Progress 8 estimate based on last year’s Attainment Band data. Learn more here

– Communications Designer. Format your emails and text exactly the way you want to. Our communications designer tool gives you the flexibility to set your own fonts and colours, undo and redo, and add in tables and merge fields. Plus, it’s all controllable from your keyboard. Learn more here

– DfE Assessments in report cards. Share DfE Assessment results easily with your parents and students. You can add DfE Assessments from any academic year to both long and short report cards. Learn more here

– EYFS Analysis in MAT MIS. See your EYFS DfE Assessments in MAT MIS. Just like on the School MIS, you can now analyse your EYFS DfE Assessments, as well as KS1 and KS2 results all from MAT MIS. Learn more here

– Custom Report Cards. Build report cards tailored to your school’s needs. You can now build a completely customised report card that looks and feels like your school, and pull in the exact data you want, directly from Arbor MIS. Learn more here

– DfE Primary Assessment Benchmarks. See where you sit nationally, where you’re excelling, identify areas for improvement and look back at previous academic years. Arbor shows you the national average and the percentile your school is in for: 

  • EYFS Level of development
  • KS1 Year 1 Phonics Screening Check
  • KS1 Reading, Writing, Maths
  • KS2 Reading, Writing, Maths
  • KS2 Multiplication

Learn more here

– New School Year Setup Audit. Track your school’s new school year setup from your MAT MIS with New School Year Setup Audit. Easily see how all of your schools are progressing with their preparation for the new year, and find out which steps schools have completed and which are outstanding, directly from your MAT MIS. Learn more here

– Custom Behaviour Workflows. Create and assign custom workflows to behaviour types, in addition to the existing automatic workflows based on severity levels. Giving you that extra flexibility to create behaviour workflows bespoke to your needs. Learn more here

– Biometric Login for the Arbor App. Parents can use face, fingerprint recognition, or their device’s pin code to log in without needing to enter their password every time. Learn more here

Report on Club Attendance. Get better visibility of your attendance data for the clubs that you’re running with our two new ways to report on clubs in the Custom Report Writer. Learn more here

– Ask Arbor. Powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Ask Arbor is your new collaborator and assistant. It’s built seamlessly into Arbor MIS and is designed to turn your words into actions. The first two features, free to all schools that we have released in this suite include:

  • Draft an email, letter, in-app message or SMS (located in Communications)
  • Create a report for a student (located on Student Profiles)

Learn more here

To keep up-to-date with all our latest releases visit our Change Log or to see what we are working on next and to give feedback visit our Product Roadmap.

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